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The Best Gift I Ever Gave Myself. (Gift ideas for the book nerd in your life.)

A candle I received in a Bookish Box. It smells like an old library... books, old paper, a hint of cigar, and a hint of vanilla.

I won't spend a lot of money on myself for "stuff." My collections are comprised of Converse, books, candles, and tea sets. That's pretty much it. But about two years ago a subscription ad kept popping up that grabbed my attention. It was an ad for The Book(ish) Box by Appraising Pages. I decided to give it a shot at $30 a month, and if I didn't like the contents of my first Bookish Box I could cancel immediately instead of receiving and paying for the next two months. (I chose the three month subscription.)

It has been by far the best gift I have given to myself. Every month when the box arrives, I scream like a five year old girl on Christmas morning. I have no idea what will be in the box, only that each one is themed with a particular genre, author, or book series and I have yet to be disappointed in anything.

Month to month I have received jewelry, coffee mugs, candles, book samples, book marks, tee-shirts, post cards, tea bags, coffee samples, a book bag, bubble bath... the list goes on. The beauty of this subscription is that I simply don't know what will be included, and so it's a fun surprise every time it comes in the mail.

And this leads to why I'm writing about this close to the end of November. A friend texted asking about book subscriptions. She thought my Bookish Box subscription sends books every month but as you just read, it's all literary themed items with occasional book samples or excerpts. She was looking for book subscriptions for her daughter and she was the fourth person to ask me in the last month about this very thing.

In the spirit of holiday shopping, I thought it may be helpful to put together a list of cool things to buy or subscribe to for the literary nerds and book lovers in your life - kids too!

If you would like your loved one to receive a box for Christmas, be sure to review delivery times carefully as you may have to subscribe now for a company's December shipment.

  • The Book(ish) Box by Appraising Pages. (Obviously my favorite.) Subscription. Literary themed items. Fine and fun for kids and adults.

  • Uppercase Box. Subscription. Books and literary themed items. Young Adult (YA) and for adults who love YA.

  • The Book Drop. Subscription. Allows you to choose age-appropriate boxes (8 to 12) or adult, etc.

  • Little Fun Club. Subscription. All books, all for children ages up to 12. The subscription changes as your child gets older in order to accommodate their age.

If you're not up for a subscription but still want to give the reader in your life gifts they'll love, try these ideas:

Weighted blankets are very popular right now. Hint! Hint!

  • In a basket, place a new, warm fuzzy blanket in his or her favorite color, a large coffee mug or bottle of wine, and a best-seller from the New York Times list.

  • A new Kindle or Nook. Even if they love the look, smell, and feel of books any reader will appreciate having thousands of choices at their fingertips while traveling.

  • If you know his or her favorite author, find a signed copy of any one of the author's books. (You can find them on an author's web site or Ebay.)

  • Art made from books, scarves and tee-shirts with entire books printed on them, or book-themed jewelry. Etsy is a great place to find these things.

If the above list still doesn't do it for you, check out hundreds of ideas here. If you have any you would like to share, please comment here or on the GGS Facebook page.

I do not receive anything for talking about products I love. Nothing. Nada. If I love something, I write about it in case there's a chance you may love it too.

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